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  1. Good day. Sir.
    About 2010 ANA(Ass. of Nig. Authors) Literary prizes, I’ll like to ask some questions, like:-
    1. Is it possible, as a participator, to send the publishing through the email (because sending it
    through the street address might be unsafe) ? … Please, if yes,please send me the email add-

    2. Also, one of the requirements for submission is for a ‘covering letter’ to be issued by the partici-
    pant; please, I don’t understand this; explain to me more about this ‘COVERING LETTER’.
    Thank you .

  2. Good day, Sir.
    P/s,I’ll like to ask some questions about this year’s ANA (Ass. of Nig. Auth.) literary prize award:-

    1. Is it possible, as a participator, to send one’s write-up through ANA’s email (as sending it through
    the office/street address is unsafe and delaying)? If yes,p/s send me their main email address.

    2. Another thing, one of the requirements is that the participants must have a ‘Covering Letter’ –
    from where and who, I don’t understand. P/s,explain to me more about this ‘covering letter’, and
    how to go about getting such.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Miss Wando,

      You have to send your entry by post and ANA is not responsible for it, so I guess you need to register it.

      The covering letter is to contain your details as the announcement says. If you need more information, contact the ANA National Secretary, Hyacinth Obunseh on 0808 5149958.

      Good luck,


  3. Hi. I have a drama I want to have published. I actually wanted to submit it for the NLNG prize but was a bit late. Is there any good publisher out there you can recommend? I dont mind you sending the info to my mailbox if you like. Thx.

    1. Dear Shola,
      Our publishing climate here is not encouraging, especially for budding writers. However, you may package your work and get your friends/mentors to make their inputs and then you can approach publishers.
      I know a few young writers who are trying to come together to support young writers. As soon as their some action on ground, I would let you know. Keep visiting this blog for updates.

  4. sir
    is it possible to get a list of the first 20 best entries for poetry prizes and the order in which they were dropped i merely want to confirm my mediocrity
    the title of my entry is collection: incantations of immortality

  5. ANA PRIZES 2011: please Sir, I wish to know whether the 2010 categories, are still the same with this year’s own, or are new ones added?

  6. I don’t know if it has to do with the theme change but somehow I think that the blog is not looking as catchy as it used to. You might want to review the theme…
    Well done on everything – S’

  7. Hi Kabura,
    Guess you remember me, Storychild, Crossing Borders. Nice to meet you here.
    Hope to chat more some day.

    We could chat longer on:
    skype: mordi.ochi (skype name)

    You seem to be more intune with homeland writings, please i need to be brought up to speed.


    1. Sure I remember you, Storychild! What are you up to these days?
      Will add you to my skype, let’s talk sometime!

  8. kindly avail me if there is , a newspaper review or any review at all on Barclay’s Ayakoroma’s ‘.Dance on his Grave’. In my search for information on the work,which i am presently analyzing, i stumbled on the pictures of the production that took place in March.


  9. Plz sir, dis successor in questn, cn i get it downloaded on my fone? Hw it b possible? Pls if it is tel me.

      1. In essence, is there a downloadable version of Jerry Agada’s The Successors that you can send her a link to?
        You are now officially the directory of Nigerian literature on the web… Hee hee hee. Best wishes Doc, S’

  10. Pls, do u pls hav any idea abt dis the african poet tv reality show project? We’v registered 4 it but uptil nw dere’s bin no news abt it. I’m beginin to thnk its all a sham. Pls let me knw if u hav any info watsova on it. I’m a fan of urs n poetry is lyf to me n any attemp t to undermine poetry is an abuse of d essence of poetry. Too bad d name of d fed govt of nigeria is used in d process. Pls let me knw if its authentic. Plss

    1. Hi Ismaila,
      I did hear about this programme but I am not sure it’s at now. I will investigate and get back to you!

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