The Poem is a most elusive creature. It is like a child created by God and birthed through a woman. The poet is god and the reader is mother. Most good mothers do not throw away their babies irrespective of how they turn out. The poet cannot raise the child for the mother. The mother must raise the child. Some give up on their offsprings, some persevere. 
And the true poets can only watch from afar!


Fishing for Votes

The electioneering campaigns now have degenerated into:
1. Numb as many people as possible with religion and ethnicity
2. Spread as much propaganda as you can about the opposition

The salient issues will take care of themselves!


A relationship is very important. Irrespective of the type and level. Usually personal convenience gains prominence but it spoils the relationship. It is certainly easier to move on and leave the hassles in a relationship but it’s difficult to know whether to move on or not. And when to move on.

I mostly respond to actions and words rather than to a determination to understand them. That is to say I respond with my emotions. By the time the emotions are cooled, the harm is done. Then I realise that making a new relationship is easier than patching up a wounded one. That is the fault of pride. It is difficult to swallow my pride and restart an injured relationship.

Can I change? Can I evaluate the relationship before I respond to words and actions that don’t sit comfortable with me? Can I evaluate the relationship before I say or do things that are inimical to the relationship? I believe I can.

Can I take action to facilitate the healing of an injured relationship? Would I be willing to say the first word or to make the first move? Would I, would I?

The Sins of Muhammadu Buhari according to Wikileaks: Dr Reuben Abati Campaigns for APC

Many supporters of PDP are wont to throw mud at the opposition rather than address personality and substance. The chief of them all, Dr Reuben Abati, displayed cluelessness when he shared, on his Facebook page, an expose on Buhari from Wikileaks in his bid to mudsling the General. His followers immediately began to share the post with glee! Little did they know that they are actually extolling the virtues of Buhari and his lifelong desire to bring about change in Nigeria.

Let us look at the so-called damning evidence against Buhari according to Wikileaks being touted by Dr Reuben Abati, Dr Goodluck Jonathan’s media man.

1. ‘The eviction of Shagari came as a welcome relief as did Buhari’s promise to root out corruption.’

Does this not show that the Americans actually hailed the coming of Buhari then as a commitment to ‘root out corruption?’ It’s like America legitimised Buhari’s coup-d’etat as they saw it as a ‘WELCOME RELIEF!’(emphasis mine). Unfortunately, IBB truncated that reform and introduced the policy of ‘settlement’ which is the order of the day today, re: FFK, Alamesiagha, Bode, Mohammed Abacha and many others.

Methinks, if America is truly honest, it should be a welcome relief again if Buhari wins the 2015 election.

2. ‘Expulsion of 700,000 illegal immigrants from neighboring African states.’

Ok, so the article called it ‘brutal’ expulsion. Were not illegal immigrants a problem to Nigeria then and now? They even said then that Maitatsine wasn’t a Nigerian. Buhari it was, I think, that crushed the Maitatsine insurgency. So what was wrong in expelling illegal immigrants? What country is there that is not expelling illegal immigrants? Just this week, three guards were acquitted of the killing of a man that was being deported! How many NIGERIANS are being expelled everyday from other countries? Why is it a crime when a patriot expels unwanted and illegal immigrants?

Even now, many people have said that some Boko Haram insurgents are non-Nigerians. Would it be wrong to expel them? I think if Buhari was the President, he would have done so again and Nigeria would be spared of many headaches.

3. ‘Jailed hundreds of political opponents.’

I don’t know what America means here, but I’m not sure that a military dictator has ‘political’ opponents. Maybe they mean, democracy activists who were intent on restoring democracy. May be. I am not condoning coup-d’etats, but if Buhari came to power as a coupist, surely he would want to stabilise things, if it were possible, before tolerating the thieving politicians?

He did well to jail those corrupt politicians, as it should be happening if we had a serious government in place! If Buhari were to come back, many of these ‘fat’ politicians would be in jail today.

4. ‘Muzzled a once aggressive press.’

Buhari should have courted the media here as helpers in the reforms. True, he didn’t have to have promulgated Decree 4, but who knows how ‘brown envelope’ was a hindrance then as it is today? Some dictators sent parcel bombs and today they are big advisers to the government. Militants kidnap journalists and we are in a democratic dispensation! Hypocrites!

5. ‘Dismissed 30,000 soldiers as a cost-cutting measure.’

Ok, so America thought it was wrong to cut cost by reducing an army in a peace time? What was wrong with Buhari trimming an army feeding fat on corrupt politicians? The man was cutting costs and they were not happy! No wonder we have one of the most bloated governments today!

If Buhari was in power today, it would then mean that all these sycophants masquerading as special assistants and advisers would be jobless! Imagine the money saved from paying these unwanted lots for better projects!

Ok, does Abati prefer that his boss keeps a bloated but underfunded army that runs away from insurgents? Ha!

6. ‘Soured Nigeria’s relations with Britain, when he was accused of masterminding a clumsy and unsuccessful attempt in July 1984 to kidnap President Shagari’s brother-in-law, former Transport Minister Umaru Dikko.’

These same Americans would use any means to bring to justice people from any corner of the world but not so for other countries, abi?! This government would rather pay obeisance to Britain, abi?

What Buhari did with Dikko showed the extent to which he (Buhari) wanted to bring all corrupt politicians to book and instead of hailing him today, Abati wants us to vilify him!

When some politicians remember what Buhari did to Dikko, they quake to their bones and will do everything possible to hinder his presidency. If Buhari wins the 2015 elections, they know they have no hiding place anywhere in the world! No presidential pardons for convicted thieves as we have today!

Also, why should we pander to colonial masters and other superpowers?! They pushed away the ladder that they used to develop their countries and wants puppets they can control to impoverish citizens in other countries. We need a leader that would work with every country on the basis of mutual respect and accountability, not as masters and servants! Today, we have voodoo rebasings as Bretton Woods economists are handling our money/economy. On paper, we are the biggest economy in Africa but we have the largest number of people living on emptiest stomachs! And that’s not just because of our population oo!

7. ‘Undermined traditional rulers throughout Nigeria, slashing their benefits and questioning their authority.’

For the first time, there were no sacred cows and they say he undermined traditional rulers. What about the incumbent president who tampered with the wishes of the Kano Emirates in a time of democracy? While I respect traditional authorities, that is just what they are. If they meddle into politics they should be sanctioned! I felt good when the traditional rulers were not treated as sacred cows! Buhari would do it again! That’s why Dr Abati dug up this Wikileaks article to make traditional rulers reject Buhari!

Come to think of it, why should traditional rulers have benefits from the government when there is no welfare in place for the ordinary citizens? What authority should they have when they impoverish the people? May God bring Buhari back to put them in their places unless they earn respect and authority!


So for Dr Reuben Abati, I thank you for digging this eloquent testimony to Buhari’s patriotism and commitment to Nigeria.

For my friends who support PDP, such as Joan Oji, thank you for urging me to go to Dr Abati’s Facebook page to read this wonderful piece that has strengthened my faith in Buhari’s commitment and zeal to heal Nigeria’s fundamental problems and set her on her path to glory in the comity of nations!

Please, continue to dig up more of these nuggets of gold!

Nigerians First and Nigerians Always!

My dear Countrymen and Countrywomen, young and not-so-young, rich and not-so-rich. I address you this morning for a different purpose. Because of my commitment to the country and for my personal honour, I have decided not to declare myself as a candidate for the 2015 Presidential Election as planned. Instead, I have decided to honour the words I uttered in 2011, my words, that I will not contest the 2015 Elections. In the months before I hand over to whoever wins the Presidency in 2015, I promise to mobilise Nigerians against the numerous challenges facing us. One of which is the insurgency in the North East. I will shut my ears to ‘easy narratives’ from outside and ‘lazy narratives’ from inside to focus on finding a solution to this particular menace. I want all Nigerians to give me their support, irrespective of ethnic and religious leanings and party politics. On my part, I will not leave any stone unturned until these perpetrators of evil are brought to book. NIGERIANS FIRST AND NIGERIANS ALWAYS!

{what a dream I’ve just had!}

Beyond the Dream: The Presidency of Goodluck Jonathan

For starters, the most recurring word is ‘accidental.’ Accidental deputy governor, accidental Vice President and accidental President. The fruity word ‘fortuitous’ comes to mind. Better than accidental, at least in the way it sounds. Of course, I quickly banish the word accidental and replace it with the daintier ‘destiny.’ And as an artist, even design comes to mind. So I force the bad word out of my thoughts and use designed destiny, with God as the Designer!

Now I go deeper into my thoughts. I like the man, Goodluck Jonathan! My first encounter with the name and the face was when DSP (I cannot spell the surname and I am not sure Mr Oribhabor will stand by me if I write ‘Alamesiya!’) was removed as governor and Dr Jonathan became one. ‘Aiya,’ I said, ‘God has made him a governor.’ A smiling likeable man. Before you could say Odili, the likeable man became Vice President. Always smiling, contented in the supporting role, again! Satisfied with his chi (I will need Julius Bokoru to translate this word into Ijaw). When Yar’adua was brought back in a casket, some people wanted to short-change GEJ but the Designer of Destinies was not through with him. He became Mr President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (always wondered about the unarmed forces). Everybody was happy for him, well most sane Nigerians were.

And yet my thoughts went deeper. It seems I was in a trance and saw myself inside the President’s head. It seemed to me he thanked God for that unexpected honour. He had come further than he ever imagined. He would serve out those two years and retire as a great man in Nigeria. The first of many things, especially the first president from a minority zone.

Then some people came and reminded him that it was the work of the Grand Designer to make him president for 10 years! But he just wanted to collect the sizeable presidential pension and go and sit at National Council Meetings. What else was he looking for? They reminded him that he used to be shoe-less (mischief makers were later to corrupt this beautiful label to ‘clueless’)! So with only shoelessness as a credential, they propped him up to beat someone who had army boots!

As I go deeper into his mind, I see he really wants to leave this hot seat on this irritating malicious stage in this world of ‘mere thieves’ politicians in 2015 but the parasitic legion around him will not hear of it. Ethnic and religious bigots are furiously drumming away! The clash of values in his head has been giving me headache but what can I do? The Mujahid has said he must contest or forever remain in Abuja! Me, I like the man, this smiling amiable loveable man! I like how he wants to be his own man but Elder Clark would not hear of it! It’s anathema to the Mujahid. The barking Okupe would not want his fountain to run dry, again. The biting Abati would not let him be the nice loveable man we know. And if Sabo Bakinzuwo was alive, he’d say that Buhari as GEJ’s running mate, would not leave him (GEJ) alone.

The man is tired of this wahala but they would not let him be. And my head keeps throbbing. I wish I could unlike the man so that I would not be in his thoughts anymore. This reluctant president propped up by legions of parasites!