About Kabura Zakama

Scion of the Kinimi Warriors

As the great, great, great, great, great grandson of the Kinimi warriors, Kabura Zakama was born the fifth child and second son of Amina and Zakama Garnvwa. He went on to become his own man under the watchful care of mama and baba. Then he became the husband of Safia and father to Aliyu and Ibrahim (he still prays to sire Amina).

At school he studied Veterinary Medicine with an extracurricular interest in poetry (where did he read that veterinary work is pure poetry?). At the moment, he has interests in governance, capacity building, personal and leadership development, participatory approaches, community development and change management (end of thinking capacity aka e.t.c). He likes to refer to himself as a poet by calling, veterinarian by study, a development worker by vocation and a motivator by interest!

There are the usual questions: what genre do you write in? He attempts to write poems and dabbles into short story writing. What inspires you to write? Love, acts of kindness and injustice.

Ok, so what if he won the 1999 ANA Poetry Prize? Over a decade ago? No big deal!

Kabura Zakama is currently working on two collections of poems (Chant of the Angry and Every Rambler Knows) and a collection of short stories (Paradise of Dreams).


45 thoughts on “About Kabura Zakama

  1. Quite interesting! Apart from writing, I believe in positive change through personal development for nation-building. I belong to a change-driven initiative, Golden Minds Nigeria, and would love to explore the possibilities bringing you in in someway since you have interest in motivations, self-development and capacity building. Pls visit http://www.goldenmindsnigeria.wordpress.com/ Thanks!

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog and for the comments. I will certainly visit your blog and leave a comment as well. I am sure we will find a way to work together in some areas.

  2. I am really happy to wander into your site; and I am actually excited that you an animal doctor can do this for letters in Nigeria. Keep it up Brother, the arts are kept alive by lovers of the arts like you! I really mean to keep in touch.

  3. Hey! I’m glad I came across your blog. Maybe being inquisitive I guess. Keep your good works up. I hope to read your works someday.

  4. I stumbled on ur blog while searching for writing prizes. I just completed a short story for a Commonwealth Foundation Competition 2011 entry. Ive a published novel (Lost But Found, published by Literamed, Lagos , Dec. 2006). Ufortunately, I’ve never being paid a dime uptil this moment. I reported to Public Complaints Commission. I’m an architect and a procurement officer @ Fed Min of Education, Fed Sec Complex. I would like to meet with u. My phone #- 0805 601 5147. I’m also planning to have a website and/or blog. No money now, but I will have them.

  5. Kabura of the Kinimi warriors. A warrior at heart, no doubt. I have gone through your blog and regaled myself in golden clouds of wriiten jewelries and prestidigitatious calvacades of poetry ratified with an inimitable power. More power to your elbows. Saw also the proposed Sunday Sun reviews of blood and gore. There is a book of mine, “Secret Principles of Female Powers” already causing controversy in facebook. It has a page on facebook. You may google to check it out. Now, who knows what that book will do in your Sunday Sun, if given the chance to come onboard? Keep up the good work and may these monuments of yours push to the sky.

  6. Hi Kabura Zakama,
    I was wondering who posted my invitation concerning the sex workers right day and i saw your name and became curious. The name is not familiar but as i read about you i became more interested. Pls where are you based? I work on issues of Female Genital Mutilation, sex workers human rights etc. I just believe we can do somethings together. my phone no is 07061240410 and am based in Lagos. Where are you based? Looking forward to learn from you. regards to ur wife and children

  7. Doc., nice to meet you here. As one having the same calling as you have, i believe our message will be heard someday in the lines of our rhymes. I have been trying to reach you regarding 2011 ANA Literary Prizes. No shortlist has been announced and it is only one week before the event. Have they contacted their shortlisted persons? I’m asking because you seem to be our only source of info. I put in my entry, Doc., and ive heard nothing so far.

  8. I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was great. I don’t know who you are but definitely you are going to a famous blogger if you are not already 😉 Cheers!

  9. Hi uncle kabura.You may not know me but I must confess I heard a lot about you through kamal Idris Yuguda in kano state.He happens to be my collegue at work.I am very proud you are from my side of the country.Sentimental?I can’t help but be.Keep doing us proud.

  10. I’ll like to join the abuja book club. I enjoy reading a lot and i’ll like seat with fellows of like-minds. What do i need to do to join this club? Please reply.thanks

    1. Dear Praise,
      You are welcome to join us!
      The next reading is on Friday, 20 January 2012. We will be discussing Biyi Bandele’s Burma Boy. Copies of the book are available at Silverbird Media Store.
      Kind regards.

  11. Hello Native Doc., interesting blog u’v got. Keep it up. Hope everyone is good. Regards to all.

  12. Just browsing and that’s how I ended upbhere. Good to learn more about you. I like that change in line of studies is indeed a courage to me.

  13. You’re doing a challenging work sir…I must confess I like your writing passion because that’s the mirror of life…keep it up…Chant of the Angry and Every Rambler Knows…wooow…what a poem to read! I like the title.

  14. Hi, JA’E this is really fantastic.
    And hope i spelt your pet name correctly.
    Keep it on……

  15. Dr Zakama it is a a pleasure being here, I tink ur words best describe my person- am a “naïve poet” an amature but have a great love for poetry and writing. I was search for any book club or literary society in abuja wen I stumbled upon ur blog. I hope the abuja club still meets I would love to be a member.

  16. What a wonderful piece, i have heard a lot about you and now reading your piece is a joy to me.
    Regards to my Mother Safia.

  17. Nice blog. ‘Doctor of animals’, then poet and story writer, then governance expert. Outlandish but interesting combination there. Carry gooooo!

  18. Lovely its nice to know lots of people still follow their dreams. Kabura, such a rare name indeed, wonder what it means? Best wishes.

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