A relationship is very important. Irrespective of the type and level. Usually personal convenience gains prominence but it spoils the relationship. It is certainly easier to move on and leave the hassles in a relationship but it’s difficult to know whether to move on or not. And when to move on.

I mostly respond to actions and words rather than to a determination to understand them. That is to say I respond with my emotions. By the time the emotions are cooled, the harm is done. Then I realise that making a new relationship is easier than patching up a wounded one. That is the fault of pride. It is difficult to swallow my pride and restart an injured relationship.

Can I change? Can I evaluate the relationship before I respond to words and actions that don’t sit comfortable with me? Can I evaluate the relationship before I say or do things that are inimical to the relationship? I believe I can.

Can I take action to facilitate the healing of an injured relationship? Would I be willing to say the first word or to make the first move? Would I, would I?


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