Nigerians First and Nigerians Always!

My dear Countrymen and Countrywomen, young and not-so-young, rich and not-so-rich. I address you this morning for a different purpose. Because of my commitment to the country and for my personal honour, I have decided not to declare myself as a candidate for the 2015 Presidential Election as planned. Instead, I have decided to honour the words I uttered in 2011, my words, that I will not contest the 2015 Elections. In the months before I hand over to whoever wins the Presidency in 2015, I promise to mobilise Nigerians against the numerous challenges facing us. One of which is the insurgency in the North East. I will shut my ears to ‘easy narratives’ from outside and ‘lazy narratives’ from inside to focus on finding a solution to this particular menace. I want all Nigerians to give me their support, irrespective of ethnic and religious leanings and party politics. On my part, I will not leave any stone unturned until these perpetrators of evil are brought to book. NIGERIANS FIRST AND NIGERIANS ALWAYS!

{what a dream I’ve just had!}


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