What’s with our Radio Presenters?

Thanks to deregulation or whatever, we have a lot of FM stations in our major cities. Some of these FM stations, especially in Abuja have programmes that cover all the 24 hours of the day. All good. For that I got a digital radio (Pure One Elite).

However, these days I have had to do more of switching off than tuning in. Why should that be when we have music, talks, news and many more?

It’s not for a dearth of programmes. We have news, talk shows, comedies. Sports and all what not. Of course, there are times when we could do with better programming, but we can forgive the stations. How can they fill 24 hours everyday without some kind of junk programming?

It’s not because of lack of presenters. Oh no! We have them in all kinds of ‘shapes and sizes!’ Women and men. Matured and upcoming. Professional and amateurs. Sexy and plain. Intelligent and …. well…. er….! All these do not put me off.

So what’s my grouse with the radio stations? It’s the funny accents that most of our presenters affect on air. It’s like someone told these presenters that being behind the mike calls for complicated noises that they pass around as English.

Don’t get me wrong. I love to listen to spoken English with good elocution and diction. There is nothing better than listening to someone speak a language the way it should be spoken. But please, dear presenters, not these funny combinations of nasal concoctions that you fill our airwaves with.

Most of our presenters actually speak with bizarre accents that have traces of English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Naija intonations! Kai, make una shame small for us now!

In Abuja, state owned stations such as Radio Nigeria, Kapital FM and Aso Radio do not serve us junk accents. Is it that they have more experienced presenters or that they operate shorter hours (they close at midnight) and do not have to talk on endlessly to fill the hours. Or a combination?

It’s something else when it comes to Cool FM, Nigeria Info FM, Kiss FM, Rhythm FM and their like. The biggest culprit is Nigeria Info. Especially when time starts to stray beyond midnight.

It’s painful because these days I have been killing the stations that speak in gibberish accent that grate on the nerves. From 2006, it’s been Cool FM for me until Nigeria Info came on board. Unfortunately, I have to decrease the frequency with which the dials of my radio stops on 95.1 on the Frequncy modulated band.

The local language and pidgin FM stations are saviours. How refreshing to tune to Wazobia FM and let the cool waves of Pidgin wash over me! Who can fault the sensuous flow of Pidgin?

Well, may be I am old and these accent-filed FM stations aren’t for my generation? Or perhaps I am too ‘bush’ for those stations? Well, it’s for them to accent away and it’s for me to turn that dial!


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