World Declutter Weekend

This weekend is World Declutter Weekend! Well, this is a self-declaration. 

I have been looking at my bedroom this week. There is so much junk. Starting with clothes that I have not worn for a long time to things in the room, I need to declutter.

My bookshelf is overflowing. I don’t have a large house and I have no study. Apart from the books that have tickled my fancy and for which a second or more reading/s are required, I need to declutter.

My office desk may give way soon, given the papers, files, office tinz, cups, gadgets and all! I need to declutter.

But the one place where I need the most decluttering is my mind. I need to get all the junks out of mind. There are religious junks, the so many dos and don’ts that man has added to religion. If I declutter my mind from religious junk, I might have a better relationship with God in a way that may make me a better human being. I need to declutter my mind of pride. Not in what makes me human, but that pride that holds me back because I want to fit in with the crowd or the fashion. I need to declutter my mind from all the biases and prejudices that make me not to want to understand others or that make me judge others according to my personal lens! 

So this is my World Decluttering Weekend! Any suggestions?


One thought on “World Declutter Weekend

  1. Okay… This is a strange break from the usual posts that tell of news! Refreshingly good. Decluttering would help. I would borrow the religious decluttering…

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