The Abuja Literary Society (ALS) Open Mic Holds Today 7PM @ Katsina Hall, Transcorp Hilton

If you’re new to ALS, and you’ve never been to an Open Mic, here is what it is.

It’s an opportunity to share a short story, or a poem, or an excerpt from a long story, or a rap, or something creative you’re working on.

It’s an opportunity to get feedback from a neutral public, and to grow as a writer.

It’s an opportunity to listen to what other people are working on, to give them helpful pointers, and to be inspired by them as well.

Everyone has roughly 5 minuntes. And all you have to do to get on stage is to come early and put your name down. That simple.

It’s an opportunity to HAVE FUN!

If you’re an old-timer, well, you know all this already.

The ALS Open Mic is without doubt one of the most entertaining and educative ways to spend a Friday evening in Abuja.

Come along. And bring a friend!



See you there!!


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