Merger throws PDP into minority at National Assembly

As 5 governors of the New Peoples Democratic Party (nPDP) defect to the All Progressive Party (APC), the leadership structure in both chambers of the National Assembly is set for a shake-up that will see the minority switching places with the majority. As it currently stands, the APC members in the House of Representatives are 137(one hundred and thirty seven) in addition to the 57 (fifty seven )members who declared for the nPDP and would join their governors to defect to the APC. This means that 194 (one hundred and ninety four) members now belong to APC, pitching the PDP, now 166 in number, in the minority.

With this development, the leadership of the House of Representatives may have to change since the opposition has now swelled with the defection to displace the majority of the House. It is pertinent to note that some lawmakers, especially those loyal to the governors of Niger and Jigawa States, 6 from Niger and 11from Jigawa States, may not join the APC since their chief executives have signified their intention to remain in the PDP.


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