National dialogue will come to nothing –Oshiomhole

Edo State Governor Adams Oshiomhole on Monday said the proposed national dialogue would not achieve any meaningful result. The governor said this at the South-South pre-national conference deliberations, which held in Benin City on Monday. Oshimhole, who arrived late to the event, in his remark said the proposed dialogue was not designed to work. He said previous conferences which held to fashion out desirable political structure for the country did not work and that the current national dialogue to be organised by the Federal Government could not achieve good result.

He said, “One would have expected the Federal Government to make an outline and allow Nigerians make additional input, instead of saying there are no no-go areas and giving the impression the exercise will end nowhere. “When the issue of fashioning a new political system came up in the past, a lot of money was spent, transporting people all over the whole country and expending more on related issues but at the end what did we get? “To me, this (national dialogue) is not meant to work and it will not work.”  The governor’s remarks caused commotion at the Imaguero College hall venue of the event with those who supported Oshiomhole and those against his words shouting, ‘yes’ ‘no’ and made continuation of the programme practically impossible.


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