Nigerians await partial lunar eclipse today

NIGERIANS are expected to witness two major developments in the sky within 17 days: a partial or rather penumbral lunar eclipse around midnight today, and a total solar eclipse on Sunday. According to reports from and World Time and Date, for the partial lunar eclipse, what viewers can observe is the slight darkening of the moon’s lower part as it passes through the lighter shadow right after it has risen.

The 2013 penumbral lunar eclipse will be visible as well throughout the Caribbean, Europe, Africa and Asia. A report from says: “For observers in Africa, Europe and western Asia, the eclipse will occur in the middle of the night when the moon is high overhead. The partial shading will be visible as the slight reddish dimming of the normally bright full moon.” According to World Time and Date, the world will experience a solar eclipse on November 3, 2013. Most parts of northern Nigeria, including Kaduna, are expected to experience total solar eclipse unlike other parts of the country like Lagos, which will experience only partial solar eclipse.


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