National confab: President Jonathan’s best master stroke

THE decision of President Jonathan to set up a committee to work out modalities for a National Conference shows that he is not quite what his critic suppose he is. The President certainly is not the political novice that some professional politicians, in his party and the opposition, portray. The President may not have shown that he understands how to solve our multi-dimensional crises, but he sure understands a thing or two about power, self-preserving power that is.

The fact that the President who had openly resisted the demand for a National Conference, sovereign or otherwise, should be ready for it now when agitation for it has really died down except for one or two organisations still clamouring for it shows clearly that this is a strategic move and, in my view, it is the best masterstroke from the President and his advisers. They deserve to congratulate themselves for outwitting the opposition this time around. Why do I think that this is a masterstroke? First, there seems to be no activity among the ruling elite in general and in the ruling party in particular. Given the crisis of ideas that typifies the ruling class no serious activity is or can be in the horizon. So, why not generate one. The idea of convening or planning towards convening the national conference is therefore handy. Second, the way and manner the President is going about the conference would help him deepen and broaden the antagonism and in-fighting among the Yoruba establishment. The choice of Chief Okurounmu could not have been more strategic in that regard…

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