Three Female Writers Commence July-August 2013 Session of the Ebedi International Residency Programme

Three female writers have since commenced the 6-week residency programme at the Ebedi International Residency Programme in Iseyin, Oyo State, Nigeria. This is for the July/August 2013 session. 

The first resident, Bilqisu Abubakar, holds a Master’s degree in Literature and teaches English Language at the College of Basic Studies, Kaduna State University. She has taught in different schools in Sokoto and Kaduna. As Bilqisu puts it: ‘My writing started over seventeen years ago as a housewife first by documenting my travails and pains in my diary.’ Bilqisu hopes to use her time in Ebedi to complete her third novel Adama and also mentor some secondary students in Iseyin.

The second writer, Iquo Diana-Abasi Eke, holds a BSc degree in Industrial Relations from Lagos State University. As a performance poet, Iquo has performed on various platforms including: The Macmillan Literary night, The Lagos Black Heritage Festival, PLAY Poetry Festival, Word slam, The Lagos Poetry Festival, Poetry Potter, Word and Sound. Also, her writings have been published in various anthologies and newspapers over the years in Nigeria. Her current collection of poems Symphony of Becoming, has been garnering positive reviews in literary circles in Nigeria. Iquo will use her time in Ebedi to work on a novel and a collection of short fiction.

Chioma Iwunze-Ibiam, the third writer, is a fiction writer and poet. In recommending Chioma for the Ebedi Residency, the well-known US-based Nigerian writer, Unoma Azuah has this to say about her: ‘I met Chioma when she started contributing poems and short stories to Sentinel Nigeria Magazine. Throughout the time I edited the fiction section of Sentinel, I found Chioma to be a very talented and hard-working writer. Her writing has shown a lot of promise.’ Apart from completing work on her novel His Fake Fiancée, Chioma will be involved in certain community development work while in Iseyin.

The Ebedi International Writers Residency Programme, now in its third year of operation, allows writers to complete their works in a tranquil atmosphere at no cost. It also enables selected writers to mentor aspiring writers drawn from several secondary schools in Iseyin.

The Residency is managed by a Board of Directors comprising Maryam Okediran (Chairman), Uche Peter Umez, Alkasim Abdulkadir and Akintayo Abodunrin.

Applications including a CV and sample of ongoing work should be sent to


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