Transparency International rates Nigeria’s political parties and police high on corruption

The 2013 Global Corruption Barometer (GCB) report of the Transparency International (TI) has rated political parties and the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) as the most corrupt institutions in the country. The TI, in the 48-page document, rated both institutions 4.7 per cent each out of its score of five per cent. The five per cent meant “extremely corrupt” while one per cent meant that the institutions rated are “not at all corrupt.” In Nigeria, 1002 respondents were interviewed through a face-to-face interaction. The NPF and political parties were closely followed on the GCB report by public officials/civil servants who were rated four per cent. Also, while the legislative arm of government in Nigeria was rated 4.2 per cent, which also represented high level of corruption, the judiciary 3.9 per cent, business/private sector was rated 3.4 per cent. In the same vein, the report rated the Nigerian military 3.2 per cent, medical and health service institutions three per cent, while the corruption level in the Nigerian media was put at 2.8 per cent. Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) were also perceived to have a corruption level of 2.7 per cent and religious bodies 2.4 per cent. The Berlin-based organisation said the 2013 GCB report was primarily designed to explore survey respondents’ personal experiences of paying bribes for government services and their perception of the integrity of their countries’ major public institutions.

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