‘Don’t succumb to British threat on same sex-marriage’

Nigerian government has been advised to remain steadfast in its opposition to same-sex marriage despite threat by the world powers to cut aid to Nigeria for legalizing homosexuality. British Prime Minister, David Cameroun, had hinted that Britain may cut its assistance to Nigeria for opposing the same-sex marriage which was recently legalized by the Senate and House of Representatives.


Speaking with our correspondent, the Deputy Chief Imam of Ilorin, Alhaji Abdullahi Abdulhameed, said the threat to cut aid to Nigeria was empty, saying Nigeria would still survive even if the entire world cut its aids. – “The Creator, who is the providence, who provides for everybody, is sufficient for Nigeria”, he said. “They colonised us but they thought they have colonised our mind as well. Thank God that our lawmakers are divinely guided”, he also said.



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