June 12 @ 20: NADECO warns FG against conducting 2015 polls

NATIONAL Democratic Coalition, NADECO, has called on the Federal Government to provide an acceptable constitution before conducting the 2015 general elections, following the power tussle between the North and the South over which of the regions should produce the next President. It also stated that the immediate dismantling of constitutional structures would provide an answer to the country’s myriad of problems. Chairman of NADECO, Rear Admiral Ndubuisi Kanu said this, yesterday, in Lagos at a colloquium convened to review the Epetedo Declaration of June 12, 1993 presidential elections.

His words: “Regarding the elections planned for 2015, NADECO notes with concern the ominous rhetorics in the atmosphere wherein some elements who, prior to the 2011 elections, promised to make Nigeria ungovernable should power not return to them, are now threatening massive bloodshed should power again fail to return to them; there is a response to them from another bloc, equally threatening catastrophe should power leave them.

“Having identified the unworkable unitary ‘Constitution’ of Nigeria as the source of the many intractable plagues of Nigeria, and now faced with a situation in which, whoever wins a 2015 presidential election, “blood will flow”, NADECO, with a grave sense of responsibility, raises a question as to the wisdom of embarking on such an election without first working out an acceptable constitutional arrangement, more so since whoever wins that election will govern with the same disputed ‘constitution’, plunging the country further into further abyss, and faster towards anarchy.



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