Yoruba group flays six-year single term for president, others

A PAN-YORUBA socio-political organisation, Afenifere Renewal Group (ARG), has criticised alleged plan by the Senate to approve a six-year single term for the office of the president, vice-president, governors and their deputies. In a statement by its Publicity Secretary, Kunle Famoriyo, the ARG described the decision as diversionary and that it portrayed the Upper Chamber as trivialising serious matters such as insecurity in the country and the increasingly uncertain future of the nation.

“Whilst Nigeria is being confronted daily by the hazards of the Boko Haram’s insurgency and the inability of the government to tackle the issue correctly, and as there are other sundry matters begging to be resolved by our government, our legislators have to spin a yarn, ‘The Six-Year Tenure Card’ to divert our attention from the national miseries of our time. Going by media reports, the Senate Committee on Constitution Review has recommended a single, six-year tenure for the offices of president, vice-president, governors and their deputies,” the statement reads in part. “If we understand the recommendation as it was reported, the vice presidents and deputy governors would not be able to present themselves for election into the office of their bosses, should they ever occupied that office, even if for one day and by whatever means (illness or impeachment of their bosses),” the group noted. It kicked against the six years recommended and suggested a five-year single term.



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