Eagles lift Nations Cup, beat Burkina Faso 1-0

TIME stood still. Many Nigerians inside the National Stadium, Johannesburg, could not hold it any more as time ticked and the Burkinabes fought hard for an equalizer, which never came. It was the longest 45 minutes many Nigerians went through since the competition kicked off last month.

The apprehension was because Nigeria had gone into the competition six times as favourites and came out empty-handed. The Eagles were the bookies’ team Sunday and from experience the Nigerians inside the stadium did not want anything to happen to ‘their trophy.’ And finally, the whistle for the end of the game sounded to a great ovation from Super Eagles supporters.

The victory was expected, but not many Nigerians expected it to come with only Sunday Mba’s 40th minute goal.
Unlike other victories recorded by the Super Eagles in the 2013 AFCON, this one was different. It was the final of the championship and the Eagles backed by over 50 thousand fans did not disappoint.



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