The Ladies’ Billions

So the First Lady was re-elected in July last year (2012)? Why would they (African first ladies) not do so when they know where their bread is buttered? Where else would the First Ladies be allowed to have a jamboree at the shortest notice? Where else would an FCT minister budget N4 billion to build a secretariat for them? When it comes to spending money for fighting apartheid, or supporting governments against rebels, or donating money for this and that, legally or illegally, they know they can count on the ‘giant of Africa!’

And that is where the story ends! Ordinary AFCON, Nigeria does not get one centre referee except a miserable assistant refereeship? When it comes to the meat of matters, other African countries gang up against Nigeria! I heard that Mr Eboue of the Elephants of Cote d’Ivoire had a go at us! If it is true, I don’t blame him! When his country was to be overrun by rebels, he acknowledged Nigeria as the ‘giant of Africa,’ but now he mocks us! Still, I don’t blame him. When we should have been developing our football, our leaders are busy trying to outdo each other at looting and plea-bargaining!

This attitude of other Africans is not just a case of envy for our oil riches! It is mainly because they know our leaders can do as they please and the Nigerian citizens would do nothing!

In this case of N4 billion rape of Nigerians, who do we blame? The politicians who impoverish us for a living? The First Lady who is allowed unhindered bite at the national treasury? The FCT Minister who prioritises unconstitutionality to make his ends meet? Or us? You and I that bare our backs for the whips of corruption without resistance?

The Senators may approve this item in the budget once they know what their cut is! The media would be awash with creative headlines! The opposition will try to score a political point! Ordinary Nigerians would grumble and retire to their hard thorny beds! Pseudo activists like you and I will facebook and tweet about it! For a week or two! And then it is back to business as usual!

The First Lady’s building will be erected (and probably named after her sooner than later)! Other African First Ladies will pat themselves on the back and say they made the right choice! The government will say the ‘giant of Africa’ has a befitting monument for First Ladies in the best Capital City in Africa! And the poverty continues in the midst of plenty!


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