Association of Nigerian Authors Set to Begin Development of ANA Land

Following a year of discussions with stakeholders of the Association of Nigerian Authors including the Council of Chairmen and Secretaries, as well as the decision of the Congress at the 2012 Uyo Convention, the 2011/13 EXCO is pleased to announce that the Association will begin development of the ANA Land at 11 a.m. on the 24th of January, 2012.

The Association, together with its development partner, [KMVL Properties Ltd] has entered into a Development Agreement concerning the property at Plot No. 23 within Cadastral Zone F04 Mpape, Abuja. Buildings to be erected on the
property are:
1) A 3,000-seater auditorium and performing arts centre
2) National headquarter offices and liaison offices for State chapters
3) A 50-room conference hotel with complementing facilities
4) Facilities for a literary residency programme

The developments will be implemented in phases.

The National Executive Committee of the Association of Nigerian Authors is by this notice calling on its Congress, especially members who are resident in Abuja and its environs, as well as our friends in the media to come around to the site on Thursday, the 24th of January, 2012, to witness the turning-of-the-sod ceremony. This would
mark a glorious new chapter of self-sufficiency in our Association’s history.

A press conference and an interactive session with the National Executive and the Developer will be held following the groundbreaking ceremony.

Prof. Remi Raji Mal. B. M. Dzukogi
President General Secretary

NB: All responses to this Note should be sent to the registered offices of the Association or directly via email to the General Secretary at


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