Northern Forum: North Is On Fire – Ogbeh

Eminent northerners on Monday bared their minds on what they termed the deplorable condition of the region, insisting that leaders of the north must restore its lost glory. The personalities, who converged for a dinner in Abuja at the behest of the Northern Re-awakening Forum, a socio-political think-tank, attempted to find solutions to the problem of insecurity and poverty ravaging the region.
Former Peoples Democratic Party national chairman Chief Audu Ogbe, who was the first of four keynote speakers, warned that the north faced imminent catastrophe unless the leaders take the bull by the horns. Ogbe expressed regrets that his prediction on the Boko Haram insurgency many years ago came to pass, saying that the leaders could have averted it if they were sincere.

Said he: “I see in this crisis an extreme clear sign of economic failure. What happened to us in the north? Why are we slowly becoming Nigeria’s albatross? We are held literally hostage in Abuja, going home is not easy. I warned that alienation, anger and disenchantment in the north would cause the real crises to come from the north. I am not happy that I have been proved right. “The younger generation is not very pleased with us. Even in our own homes, they are not happy with us. What did we do with our 40 years in power, without long-term investment? We now witness resentment and poverty. The message of peace is not sinking into the heart of the young men who have taken up arms against us. Political leaders are now openly being linked to these groups and their political parties have not condemned it.”


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