Outrage as Jonathan’s 2015 posters flood Abuja streets

Opposition parties yesterday launched a broadside at President Goodluck Jonathan’s 2015 campaign posters, which have flooded Abuja, the nation’s capital. But the President and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) denied backing those pasting the posters. Federal Capital Territory (FCT) residents resumed from the New Year’s holiday to see the streets flooded with posters campaigning for a second term for President Jonathan. The glossy posters with a bold picture of the President carries the inscription “2015: No vacancy in Aso Rock. Let’s do more.” Also inscribed on it is “One good term deserves another; support Dr. Goodluck Azikiwe Jonathan for 2015 presidency.” The posters were first seen in various neighbourhoods and public facilities in the FCT on New Year’s Day.By yesterday, they had covered main areas of the FCT and the satellite towns. The President distanced himself from the posters, but said those pasting them are exercising their right. The Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), the All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP) and the Conference of Political Parties (CNPP) chided the second term campaigners.



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