The Year for the Disciplines

Last year I wrote that 2012 was the Year for the Literatures. I said that the year 2012 would witness lots of achievements for Nigerian literature, domestically. I was not wrong. We saw many new authors emerge. We saw the resurrection of ANA at the national level and re-energised local chapters as well. We saw many literacy associations, especially in Lagos and Abuja, putting on good shows. There was better collaboration between the groups as well.

A key highlight for me in 2012 was the coming into prominence of Paressia Publishers. They are not there yet but there is enough innovation and creativity in their bones and they are primed to become dominant in the publishing scene in Nigeria.

This year, 2013, I believe, is a Year for the Disciplines! By that I mean a year for serious discipline in literary endeavours. Personally, I need to be disciplined in my writing, publishing, working with Alice Akale and my activism in the field of literature. But more importantly, I believe Nigerian literature is being held back by a certain lack of discipline. Or should I say lack of the disciplines? Discipline from writers, who need to take their writing seriously. Discipline from indigenous publishers who need to show the Nigerian spirit and doggedness in breaking grounds! Discipline from literary groups who need to provide veritable avenues for expression and mentorship! Importantly, we need to see discipline from our critics!

Ok, so I may say not that my new year resolution is to be more disciplined as a writer, but I certainly need a little more discipline in my literary life!

Happy New Year! Happy New Literary Year of the Disciplines! May your writing be disciplined!


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