Year End Poetry Slam

Abuja Literary Society year-end Poetry Slam holds this Fri, 14th Dec. at Silverbird LifeStyle Store, Abuja, 6pm.
 Slam Champion – N100K
 1st Runner Up – N50K
 2nd Runner Up – N30K
Attendance is free.
Contestants must register with N1K – send an email to:
Come, have fun! Inform others!


1. Poems can be on any subject and in any style.
2. Each poem must be an original piece written and performed by the author.
3. No props.4. No costumes.5. Performances are timed and should not exceed 3 minutes; the last round may be 2 minutes.
6. No musical instruments (leave the drum set home) or pre-recorded music.
7. Each poem may only be used once during the competition.
8. Poets prepare 3 poems in case they move to the 2nd and final rounds.

1. Judges are selected at random from the audience (no experience needed); they’re given score cards.
2. Five judges are used and each is asked to leave his/her personal bias at home.
3. Judges are asked to rate 50% on performance (presentation) AND 50% on content of the poem (was it well-written, did it make sense – doesn’t matter if you agreed with the content).
4. Scores are from 0 (lowest) to 10 (highest), using decimals to reduce the chance of ties – (“0 infinity” is not a number, honest)
5. At the same time, judges hold up one score (e.g.: 5.6, 8.7, 9.8, 10.0) when asked by the Slam Master.6. The Slam Master then announces the poet’s scores from each judge out loud. 7. Where there’s a dispute at any time during the Slam, the Slam Master’s ruling is final. No appeals, except to the Slam Master, are allowed.

RULES FOR SM & TIME KEEPERS1. Slam Master ballots to decide order of presentation.2. Time Keeper(s) deduct 0.1 point for every sec of exceeded time.3. Time Keeper(s) announce, through the Slam Master, any exceeded time and the deduction after the judges have raised and announced their scores. The penalty is then deducted from the total score. 4. The bottom 1-3 contestants are eliminated (NOT killed o!) in each round.5. The winner of the final round is announced last – first announce the 2nd Runner up, 1st Runner Up, then the Slam Champion.

RULES FOR AUDIENCE1. Slam is fun, bear that in mind.2. Applaud or boo any judge whose score you do not agree with.3. Show your appreciation of the performance poetry – you are permitted to roll on the ground, jump to high heavens, scream your head off or cry bitterly (perhaps after hearing a brilliant poem you have been trying to write yourself for 10 years!). As you rejoice or weep, remember ALS will NOT be responsible for any destruction of venue property.4. Volunteer to judge.5. Where there’s a dispute at any time during the Slam, the Slam Master’s ruling is final. No appeals, except to the Slam Master, are allowed. That’s why he is the Master of the Slam!

Ken Ike (ASHOKA Fellow)
Slam Master


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