Laura came into my life and became a faithful companion, day and night. Very adaptable and dependable, she went all places with me! Her love was slow but steady, quiet but very warm. Laura did not demand much and was satisfied with whatever much or little of my time I gave her!

Then Sophie intruded into my romance with Laura! Sophie was sophisticated but down to earth. She was very clingy and was not willing to share me with anybody else. Laura faded into the ‘bag’ground, but did not complain. Once in a while, I would spend some time with Laura, but not with the same old fondness and tenderness she was used to.

When Laura had the intuition that I was going to bring in someone else, she did not complain but she withdrew into herself. It was not the same with Sophie! She cried and cried and created more reasons why I should spend even more time with her! I was tempted not to bring in this new love. I vacillated. I remonstrated. I prayed for courage and more resources. Then it happened! One moment, Sophie was winning, the next, there was Cheryl in my arms! Cheryl was fresh and virginal!

Now that Cheryl has come into my life, she has taken over every space in my heart! She craves attention, she wants to be cherished 24/7! Even the ever so clingy Sophie is taken aback. She (Sophie) now watches, speechless, as Cheryl binds herself into every moment of my life. Laura now sits quietly in her corner but Sophie follows Cheryl and I in our romance, picking up the crumbs from the table of love!

But Cheryl is choking me! She wakes me up, very early, every morning! She follows me to the work place and sits on a corner of my table all day. When I retire at the close of business to watch Manchester United, she comes and sits by my side, her arms all wrapped around me! She even follows me to Church and demands to sit on my laps! Who will deliver me from Cheryl?


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