Bakassi declares independence, hoists flag

THEY began with a cry for help from their country. They wanted the Federal Government to take them back to their homeland in Bakassi. It is now about a decade since the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruled that the oil-rich Bakassi did not belong to Nigeria but Cameroun.

But for almost a decade, their hope has remained forlorn. So yesterday, the indigenes of Bakassi finally took their destiny in their own hands. They declared themselves independent of Nigeria. They went further. They hoisted their official flag and launched a radio station. The Bakassi Self-Determination Front (BSDF) is the rallying point for all this. It hoisted a blue, white and red flag with 11 stars on the blue colour.

This development is coming a week after the Ogoni declared their independence on August 2, 2012.

The Bakassi’s radio station started transmission on August 6 at noon and operates on 4.2MHz and 5.2MHz band. The station, otherwise known as “Dayspring”, is part of efforts by the group to ensure the liberation of Bakassi people as well as disseminate information on developments.


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