Jonathan scores self high on nation’s progress

THEY might have agreed on a plethora of other issues in the past but on this score, Nigerians and their President would hardly be on the same page. Against the grain of public opinion, President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday reviewed the state of the nation and submitted that Nigeria under his charge has made appreciable progress in the last one year and was firmly keeping to the path of greatness.

In an early morning broadcast yesterday to mark this year’s “Democracy Day”, the President presented an overview of his administration’s achievements in office and pledged to do more over the next three years. In the broadcast, President Jonathan said that the Federal Government generated N6.6 trillion worth of investment commitments in one year under him and attributed this to the new National Draft Trade Policy, which he said was the first ever in the nation’s history.

Rendering his scorecard, President Jonathan said: “Today, progress has been made. The country’s credit rating is positive, in contrast with many nations being downgraded. In 2011, our economy grew by 7.45 per cent. As at mid-May 2012, our foreign exchange reserves had risen to $37.02 billion, the highest level in 21 months. We have stabilized and improved our fiscal regime. We brought the fiscal deficit down to 2. 85 per cent of GDP from 2.9 per cent in 2011. We reduced recurrent expenditures from 74 per cent to 71 per cent and reduced domestic borrowing from N852 billion in 2011 to N744 billion in 2012. We cut out over N100 billion of non-essential expenditure and increased our internally generated revenue from N200 billion to N467 billion.”

Against the backdrop of current security challenges, President Jonathan assured on the indivisibility of the country even as he vowed to tackle terrorism head on. –


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