Kolade’s Committee Sets to Execute SURE Programmes

The Dr. Christopher Kolade-led Subsidy Reinvestment Programme (SURE–P) Co-mmittee yesterday said it had concluded its preliminary work and was now ready to commence the implementation of the programme aimed at showing to the country what the gains of subsidy removal on petrol can do.

Kolade, who responded to questions from State House correspondents, said what made his committee appeared slow was because the programme was new and the committee was working out the templates which were now ready. Consequently, he said they could now move faster with the implementations. He said he came to brief President Goodluck Jonathan on how far they had gone with their activities and the areas of public service they have chosen to execute projects.

“All we have done today is to tell him how we are organising the work, how we are working with the other parts of the public service which are handling the projects. We have done that so that he knows what is going on. Everybody now knows how far we have gone and also knows about what we have done so far, so we are going back to build on that,” he explained.


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