Nigerians in fury, demand action on subsidy report

 LAMENTATIONS, fury, and cautious optimism yesterday greeted the report of the House of Representatives’ Ad-Hoc Committee on fuel subsidy management. Displaying their anger over the panel’s findings, the citizens and groups simply said: “They have killed this country! Nothing will come out of the report because they (leaders) are involved.”

But the optimists among them asked President Goodluck Jonathan to prove that he can bite by bringing all the culprits to book. And hope that the report might not end up in the dustbin was raised by the Lower House, which declared yesterday that “the timely execution of the report will determine its next relationship with the Executive arm of government.”

However, groups and eminent citizens, who reacted to the startling revelations in the report and its recommendations that certain persons be prosecuted, said they were not surprised about the well-orchestrated corruption in the scheme. According to them, it had long become clear to them that the subsidy policy and frequent increase in fuel prices were indiscreet and designed to further emasculate the poor by the rich in the corridors of power.


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