My Comment on Hajo Isa’s Shadow Fall

It is not easy to discuss the poetry of someone whose writing you have admired at close range. So I set out to be deliberately methodical and thorough in reading Hajo Isa’s typescript of Shadow Fall, a collection of poems. And yet, I was still taken aback by the rich, crisp, fresh imagery of Hajo’s collection!

In this collection, Hajo Isa reaches into certain moments in her extraordinary life and comes up with poetry that is at once deep, yet clear; haunting, yet reassuring! Ms Isa is a remarkably honest and unpretentious writer bursting with passions that shine through her poetry. Each poem in this collection tells a story with beguiling and musical metaphors in a style that is uniquely Isasque! Hajo Isa is a bright spark in the darkening sky of contemporary Nigerian poetry as far as craft is concerned!

I come away from the reading of Hajo Isa’s poems as if I have been in a classroom.


3 thoughts on “My Comment on Hajo Isa’s Shadow Fall

  1. This review doesn’t tell us much, I’m afraid. How many poems are in the collection? What kind of poetry does the poet practise? Where are examples of the lines ‘bursting with passion’? What lessons are taught in Isa’s ‘classroom’? Plus, there’s no author bio.

    1. Thanks Akumbu, but these are comments, not a review. It appeared on the blurb of the book. I have promised Ms Isa that I will review the book in due course.

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