How To Rescue Nigeria From The Brink, By Civil Society Activists

It was a deluge of lamentation and call for patriotic action yesterday in Lagos, as leading pro democracy figures x-rayed the state of the entity Nigeria, with the conclusion that urgent action was needed to rescue the sinking ship of state. The event was the launch of a book titled Time To Reclaim Nigeria, authored by journalist and essayist, Chido Onumah.

Constitutional lawyer, Professor Ben Nwabueze in his moving speech at the event reminded that Nigeria would not be saved, unless Nigerians themselves show the determination to deliver the country from the doldrums. He said: “We are in a critical time now. It (saving Nigeria) is a project for all of us. The time for apathy, indifference is gone. We as Nigerians are noted for apathy, we talk and all go back home. Where are the Nigerians who will surge forward and even when 50 of them are killed, they will keep moving forward to bring about change? Do we have such people in Nigeria; this country cannot be redeemed without such people. Nigeria must be redeemed, reclaimed and save,” he said.


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