CALL for Papers – A Book of Essays on Honour of Professor Ezeigbo

Celebrating the African Amazon: Essays in Honour of Professor Theodora Akachi Ezeigbo.

Teacher, theorist, critic, novelist, playwright, children literature author, short story  writer, journalist and poet,  Professor Theodora Akachi Ezeigbo, has had an eventful and well-decorated career at the University of Lagos spanning over three decades. During this period, Professor Ezeigbo made a name for herself as a competent teacher and novelist-scholar by formulating the influential “snail-sense” feminist theory which prioritizes dialogic and complementarist ethos in both the creative and critical literary practice in post-colonial African literature. To celebrate this Nigerian Amazon and Queen of Letters, the Department of English of the University of Lagos is proposing a book of essays mainly based on her impressive oeuvre as well as related interest areas in her honour. Accordingly, contributors may focus on, but are not restricted to the following areas:
–          Literary theory/African Literature
–          Comparative Literature
–          Issues in Feminist
–          Gender Studies
–          Cultural Studies
–          Igbo Metaphysics
–          Politics of Sexual/Textual Exegesis
–          Politics of Survival
–          War Literature
–          Language, Philosophy and the Nigerian Question
–          History, Oral Tradition and Memory
–          Film, Drama and poetry and the Woman Question
–          Language and Literature

Papers should not exceed twenty (20) pages, typed in Times New Roman (12) font size. Paper Title, Author’s name, institutional affiliation, and e-mail address (es) should be on a separate page.

Contributors are required to note and adhere strictly to the following deadlines:
Deadline for Receipt of papers: 31st May, 2012
Peer-review Process: 1st June – 30th June, 2012
Revision of Papers by contributors: 1st July – 30th July, 2012
Expected Date of Release: 1st October, 2012.

Paper should be sent as attachment to the email addresses of all the Local Organizing Committee members. They LOC members are: Dr. E.A Adedun,,  (+2348023414410); Dr. Chris Anyokwu,, (+2348035297582); Dr. Ben. Onuora Nweke,, (+2348035803323).


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