University of Ibadan Vice Chancellor slams varsities’ professors

Apparently miffed by lackadaisical attitude of some professors in the university system, University of Ibadan (UI) Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Isaac Folorunso Adewole has lashed out at some of his fellow dons, accusing them of indolence and dereliction of duty. Ajewole said, “I have observed that some people stop working the moment they are promoted to the professorial cadre; they will abandon their duties to the junior ones who often have no courage to challenge them for fear of persecution.

“They (professors) even avoid heading their department. This is a bad attitude that cannot help the system,” he added.

The vice chancellor, who spoke at the inauguration of UI’s Center for Social Orientation (CenSo), a body created to inculcate moral discipline into all members of the university community said, “It is on record that the university system is today being confronted with moral turpitude and social malaise such as cultism, prostitution and other various acts of indiscipline. We can only win these wars when we all have the right orientation”


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