Nigeria amnesty scheme may fail within months – Report

Nigeria’s amnesty offered to militant groups in 2009 is on shaky ground and “could fail within months”, putting the country’s staple oil and gas industry under increased threat, a report claimed. A clampdown on illegal bunkering by the Goodluck Jonathan administration may push agitators back to the creeks in key oil-producing states with pipeline attacks, abductions and other criminal behavior likely to rise as a result, quoted the report from Bergen Risk Solutions as saying.

Nigeria’s government and oil industry has experienced a dip in attacks since militant groups were offered an amnesty in 2009, with many taking up the offer and dropping their guns. However, concerns abound that much of the promises made in the amnesty have not been carried through. “Frustration among former militants grows as the amnesty program fails to generate jobs and infrastructure development fails to materialise,” the monthly report from the Norwegian risk analysis firm on the security situation in Nigeria read. The report confirmed, “The amnesty is now under massive strain and local commentators believe it could fail within months. “The possibility that some former militants will return to violence and sabotage of petroleum infrastructure is increasing as the so called ‘Third Phase Militants’ continue to be denied access to the amnesty programme.


One thought on “Nigeria amnesty scheme may fail within months – Report

  1. Kuku should grant third phase so dat more youth will engage their self in the program or else very soon Nigeria will regrets it.

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