Panel finds 17,000 ghost workers in PHCN

A WORKER verification exercise carried out by the Federal Government in Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) has shown that 17,000 “fake employees” are on the payroll of the firm. It was also discovered that PHCN has 6,000 casual workers. The biometric project was undertaken by Creative HR, which in its report, said there was massive fraud in both the number and engagement of the workers, which the Labour unions have allegedly defended.

A Presidency official told The Guardian at the weekend that the exercise had formally ended and the result very shocking. The official said figures collated by Creative HR during the exercise, which started on October 19, 2011, indicate that instead of the 40,000-47,000 work-force being brandished for PHCN, only a little over 30,000 personnel showed up for screening.


One thought on “Panel finds 17,000 ghost workers in PHCN

  1. Kudos to BPE & Hon.minister for power prof.Barth Nnaji.
    The PHCN Union is been economical of truth.
    74% of the real staff can never meet/cope with the challenges of the incoming new companies.that‘s why the always been in deadlocks with Govt giving a difficult conditions for FG.
    If they are sincere,why can‘t they iron out the issue of casuals since all these days.only what they new fighing for is: arrears,monetisation,50% increase,etc.
    If you want to test the weight of the casuals in the organisation,send them away from PHCN & experience the collapse of the power sector.
    The casuals are the pillar or PHCN.
    Thank you sir.

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