Electricity Tariff to Rise by 11%, Says NERC Boss

Chairman of the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), Dr. Sam Amadi, Wednesday said contrary to reports that electricity tariff would rise by 88 per cent, consumers would pay as low as 11 per cent increment when the new tariff regime takes effect in May this year. Speaking during an interactive session with journalists in Abuja, Amadi said the new tariff would come in categories for various consumers and that would have been responsible for the wrong figure of 88 per cent reported by some media recently.

“It is not true that the tariff will increase by 88 per cent. The increase is about 11 per cent,” he said, adding that even certain category of consumers classified as “special customers” such as hospitals and street lights would even pay lower than the 11 per cent increase. Explaining a possible cause of different tariff being announced by different persons, the NERC boss said: “If you combine commercial rates and residential rates then they give you wrong figures.”

The Minister of Power, Prof. Bath Nnaji, was reported to have told the Senate Committee on Power that the increase would be from the current N2:20k to N3:20k



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