Jonathan vows to sack appointees over 2015 campaign

IT is an issue President Goodluck Jonathan could no longer gloss over. Three years to the end of his tenure, his appointees, who are eyeing elective offices at both the federal and state levels, are into open and secret meetings as well as campaigning for such offices. Their actions are believed to have slowed down the pace of governance and the targets set by the President under his Transformation Agenda, seemingly becoming elusive.

And yesterday in Abuja, the President warned that public office holders who are overheating or distracting his administration through their scheming for elective positions in 2015 would be fired.  Jonathan said he would not hesitate to remove such appointees if his admonition was ignored or treated with levity. He also warned leaders of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) against the imposition of candidates on the members as the party prepares for its congresses and national convention.

The President, who spoke at the 58th meeting of the PDP National Executive Committee (NEC) in Abuja yesterday, told public servants not to give the impression that everything was about elections. He asserted that appointees, who performed well in office, could always get the nod of the electorate.


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