Government shakes up the Army, redeploys 72 Generals

MAJOR shake up has been carried out in the military by the Federal Government. In the exercise announced by the government yesterday, 72 top Army officers were affected. The redeployment of the senior officers, which was described by sources in government as “routine”, is however believed to be part of the efforts to strengthen the crackdown on terrorism and fill some vacant positions, particularly in the Nigerian Army.

The new structure was expected to have been in place by the first week of January to accommodate newly-promoted Major-Generals and Brigadier-Generals, who were decorated last December. The redeployment, The Guardian learnt, is also meant to fill the vacancies left by the retirement of some senior officers last year. Military sources said yesterday that the redeployment was delayed till now to allow stability within the system, which would have resulted if the exercise were carried out in the heat of the Boko Haram menace. It is understood in military circles that the fight against the religious sect had turned the corner, hence, the release of the new appointments.


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