Elder statesmen renew call for SNC

The two-day national summit where eminent Nigerian leaders dialogued on the state of the nation kicked off in Lagos yesterday with calls for Sovereign National Conference (SNC). All the discussants at the summit which took place at the Sheraton Hotel, Ikeja unanimously agreed that the conference was long overdue, just as they labelled antagonists to the confab as enemies of Nigeria.

While declaring the summit open, Chief Tony I. Uranta debunked the insinuations that the summit was government initiative, explaining that the initiative is borne out of long desire to move Nigeria towards restructuring of the polity to foster true federalism.

In his welcome address, the moderator of the summit, Prof. Pat Utomi expressed sadness that the country was at the brink of collapse, insisting that something must be done to arrest the dangerous trend like that of 1967. He was of the belief that if a country that was blessed with resources was wallowing in abject poverty that has become a scandal, something drastic should be done for the country described as bastion of economic growth in Africa.

Former Kaduna State governor, Balarabe Musa regretted that the country is moving towards becoming a failed state in every respect due to a lot of contradictions in the polity inspite of her huge resources. The solution, according to him was to reverse the trend through restructuring the polity by convocation of SNC, saying, anybody who holds a contrary view is deceiving himself.
Speaking in the same vein, former finance minister, Olu Falae called for going back to the pre-independence constitution of 1958 which he said was a political covenant that gave the country true federalism.



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