Indian League: Okocha Auctioned for N88m

Former Super Eagles captain, Austin Jay Jay Okocha was picked by Durgapur for $550,000 (about N88million) at the first football auction held in India yesterday. The Indian Premier League Soccer (PLS) auction which held in Calcutta saw the owners of five teams shelling out $7m on foreign star players and coaches expected to feature in the two-month league staring in March.

Okocha, who quit the game after an illustrious club career which saw him through Germany (Eitrancht Frankfurt), France (PSG), Turkey (Fernehbace) and England (Bolton Wanderers), is expected to light up the Indian Premier League along with other former top stars that include former Argentina striker, Hernan Crespo who topped Monday’s auction with $840,000 price tag.

The former Eagles mercurial midfielder is to be coached at Durgapur by Samson Siasia who was similarly picked by the team for $210,000 (about N24million). According to the organisers of the League which has six teams, each with a salary cap of $2.5m (about N400m), is mirrored in the country’s IPL cricket tournament.


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