To a large extent, one of the areas of Theatre Scholarship in Nigeria which has suffered functional research and applicable theory for effective and profitable practice is “Marketing”.

Theatre business is sometimes referred to as ‘show business’, this presupposes that in structure and practice, it is on one hand, the exhibition of an activity for amusement and enjoyment, and on the other, an enterprise – a trade which should be transacted between some people to yield financial benefits. Obviously, the aspect of the “show” in theatre practice has flourished and matured to a level worthy of recognition, while the “business” aspect has suffered in many respects. To this extent, original and well researched articles are hereby invited from interested scholars and researchers for a proposed book, titled “Modern Theatrical, Cultural and Entertainment Marketing in Nigeria”. This book hopes to bridge the theoretical and practical gap in Theatre marketing and Management studies in Nigeria with essays and topics in broad areas of Theatre, Entertainment, Media and Cultural Marketing, including Tourism, Arts Management and Administration.

The Areas of paper contribution may include but not limited to the following:

–      Concept and Nature of Theatre Marketing, Theatre Audience Cultivation and Development, Publicity, Advertising and Public Relations in the Theatre, The Concept of Consumerism in entertainment marketing, Entertainment Branding, Events Marketing and Management, Production Sponsorship, Partnership & Collaboration in Producing Theatrical Shows, Facility/Hall Management, Revenue Generation in Theatre, Staff and Personnel Management & Training, Marketing Management, Direct Marketing, Theatre Marketing Research, Tourism  Management & Marketing, Proposal Packaging, Entrepreneurship in the Arts, Film Distribution and Marketing, Hospitality Management & Marketing, Arts and Culture Management and Administration, etc.


 Each article must be an original work of the author and not yet published anywhere else. Every interested contributor is encouraged to first send an abstract of not more than 250 words on or before March 30th, 2012. Please adhere to the following instructions too:

1.                  Each essay should be accompanied by an abstract of about 150-250 words.

2.                  Manuscripts, which should not exceed 20 pages in length, should be typed double-spaced with an A4 format and Times New Roman 12 point font size.

3.                  Except when absolutely necessary, photographs and heavy graphic works should be avoided.

4.                  Title of paper, the full name, address, current status and institutional affiliation of the author, as well as email address and phone number should be written on a separate page attached. These information are also to be reflected in your initial abstract to the editors.

5.                  Footnotes to the text should be avoided. It is essential that documentation conforms to the new MLA style with parenthetical citations in the text followed by Works Cited at the end of the paper.

6.                  Receipt of papers will be acknowledged. All full papers must reach the editors on or before May 30th, 2012.

7.                  Two hard copies and one virus-free soft copy on a CD can be forwarded to the editors or sent as MS Word e-mail attachments to the editors.

8.                  Acceptance of papers shall be based on positive reports by assessors and the timely execution of necessary amendments or corrections by the authors concerned.

All essays, correspondence and enquiries should please be forwarded to the following:-

Prof Sunday Enessi Ododo                                                  Dr Sola Fosudo

Department of Theatre Arts                                                    Department of Theatre Arts & Music

University of Maiduguri                                                         Lagos State University

Maiduguri                                                                               Ojo, Lagos                                           

Mobile Phone: 08091730036                                                  Mobile Phone: 08033322754


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