World Faces 600m Jobs Challenge, ILO Warns

The world faces the “urgent challenge” of creating 600 million productive jobs over the next decade in order to generate sustainable growth and maintain social cohesion, the International Labour Organisation (ILO) has warned. The annual report on global employment released by the ILO revealed that more than 400 million new jobs will be needed over the next decade to absorb the estimated 40 million growth of the labour force each year.

The global employment report was launched ahead of the World Economic Forum holding in Davos, Switzerland, and the African Union Heads of State and Government Summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Titled ‘Global Employment Trends 2012: Preventing a deeper jobs crisis’, the report said the world faces additional challenge of creating decent jobs for the estimated 900 million workers living with their families below the US$2 a day poverty line, mostly in developing countries. The report called for targeted measures to support job growth in the real economy, and warns that additional public support measures alone will not be enough to foster a sustainable recovery.



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