Gov Aliyu: Nigeria Risks Disintegration by 2015

Niger State Governor Muazu Babangida Aliyu has warned that the country could disintegrate by 2015 if the government continues to treat acts of treason and terrorism with “kid gloves”. He asked Nigerians to stop politicising treason and terrorism as the future of the country was at stake. Aliyu was speaking at two different fora in Minna Sunday while playing host to Niger State Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Elders Council and members of the House of Representatives from the state.

He said: “We have to work to solve the present security situation in the country. We cannot only depend on prayers without work. Most countries at peace today did not achieve it through prayers or else, we will gradually work ourselves towards the projection that Nigeria will disintegrate by 2015.” He cited cases of a Boko Haram spokesman who was arrested and jailed for only three years “for misdemeanour” and Pastor Tunde Bakare who called for regime change. He also referred to a presidential candidate in the last elections who stated that the country would be ungovernable if he failed to win.
Aliyu lamented that no actions had been taken against them, adding that government’s attitude was increasing terrorist and treasonable statements in the land. “People don’t want to tell the truth. If we are all able to come out and handle things the way they should be handled, we would have nipped everything in the bud.


2 thoughts on “Gov Aliyu: Nigeria Risks Disintegration by 2015

  1. Maj Gen Muh’d Buhari is the only one honest man that this country can be proud of today and even the international community whoare fair in their judgement can attest to, because they have dosier on all of you. Pastor Tunde Bakare is a citizen of this country and he has the right to air his view anywhere, anyday. In France, the Socialist party greatly utter derogatory statements against the ruling party. And even USA, the Republican Party say anything about the ruling party. We unneccessarily put blame on the wrong direction. If we must start anything at all, we must first investigate thoroughly from where the statement of disintegrating in 2015 comes from. Rather than chase shadow, I will strongly advice our Govt to start from there. In Afganistan, two Britons why caught with explosives. This are the same people who claimed the are peace keepers. And in Crotia, a French man was into arm dealing. So let us not handle this matter with kid’s glove.

  2. Aliyu of niger doesn’t know what he is saying,is tUnde bakare behinde boko haram instead of him to talk boldly about boko haram,he is chasing shadow

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