Boko Haram plans to take over North – Federal Government

The Federal Government on Tuesday alleged it had uncovered the motives behind Boko Haram’s bombings and killings in the North. The Minister of Defence, Dr. Mohammed Bello, alleged that the dreaded sect was out to forcibly Islamise the whole of the North. Mohammed made the claim during an interview with journalists in Abuja. He said if not for the sustained efforts of the military and other security agencies, Boko Haram’s attacks would have affected the whole of the North and even other states having borders with the North. He also said the strong presence of the soldiers in the troubled areas reduced the killings and bombings in North-East.

He said, “It is a great achievement for our security services to restrict Boko Haram to the North- East. “The agenda of the sect is not for the North-East alone; all the states of the North were to be Islamised and all the states around the area would have been affected. “The killings have been reduced by the strong presence of the security forces and what is left is the root causes of the crisis.” The ministers urged Nigerians not to be discouraged by the Boko Haram insurgency.


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