Reps condemn attack on Igbo in the North

THE South East Caucus in the House of Representatives has condemned what they called ‘the orgy of violence’ targeted against the Igbo residing in the northern States of the country. Consequently, the group has called on the Federal Government, religious and traditional leaders to denounce the atrocities as well as protect the interests of Nigerian citizens with the aim of forestalling possible reoccurrence.
“The recent shift in focus from random shoot-and-run and bomb attacks by suspected Boko Haram, to selected and targeted hits against the Igbo is a trend difficult to fathom, thereby provoking reasonable grounds for growing suspicion and speculation among many Nigerians that the attacks could be construed as a smokescreen for ethnic cleansing,” they said.

Rising from a meeting held in Abuja, the group warned that Igbo would not hesitate to defend themselves if the “violence against our kith and kin resident in the North is repeated with disgusting regularity. “We have over the last couple of weeks- since the latest orgy of selected violence began, restrained our people from seeking vengeance, but wish to state at this point that, enough is enough.”
Addressing journalists at the National Assembly yesterday, Chairman of the Caucus, Ogbuefi Ozomgbachi called on the Federal Government to adopt immediate measures to stop what he described as the festival of violence targeted at Igbo resident in the North.


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