FG wants diplomats to assess situation objectively

While organised the labour movement in Nigeria halts government and private businesses in the country with the ongoing mass protest against the removal of petrol subsidy by government, the Federal government on Wednesday called on members of the diplomatic community to be ‘objective’ in their assessment of the situation in the country. The government wants members of the diplomatic corps to exercise restraint in the way they assess and report back to their various countries the unfolding events surrounding the removal of petrol subsidy in Nigeria. Concerns have reportedly been expressed by foreign entities in the country particularly as the loss of lives continued to be reported in connection with the ongoing general strike and protests over the removal of subsidies on petrol. The minister of state for foreign affairs, Mrs. Viola Onwuliri, told representatives of foreign missions and multilateral organisations in the country that the government was in control of the situation, adding that the police have been instructed to be civil and humane in dealing with protesters. The Minister reportedly urged the diplomats to “let the cordial relations between our countries be uppermost in your minds and to be objective in your assessment and reportage of events that are happening in Nigeria now”. She urged the media, both foreign and local, to observe restraint in their coverage of events in Nigeria in the interest of the country’s peace and our unity.



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