Labour orders nationwide strike over removal of fuel subsidy

Nigerians yesterday got a taste of the full deregulation of the downstream sector of the oil industry as pump price differentiation was the order of the day in filling stations across the country. Also, condemnation and commendation continued to trail the government’s decision to remove the subsidy on petrol. Meanwhile, a coalition of Labour, civil society groups and others has said it would start a nationwide strike today over the removal of fuel subsidy that has pushed the price of petrol to at least N138 a litre from N65. Apparently seeking a way to profit from the sudden inauguration of the regime, petroleum marketers in Lagos at first shut their outlets to motorists, which engendered queues at these stations. Sensing a kill as exasperation kicked in on the public, the filling stations began to open one after the other, hiking their pump price to between N139 and N185 a litre. Petrol prices in Abuja yesterday hovered between N138 and N141. The development had caused a soaring of public transport costs.


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