Celebration amid frenzy, fear and uncertainty

ONE thing that is certain about Christmas, especially in Nigeria is that it is a season when whatever problems or challenges people are facing naturally fizzle out-at least temporarily. Both the rich and the poor are usually swept along by this festive breeze that is expected to keep blowing for the next two weeks when many people would be tied to Christmas festivities. Already, mass exodus of people to their various home states, has commenced. This movement would get to its peak today and tomorrow.

Indeed, the manner yuletide is celebrated in this part of the world is so unique; people tend to go the extra mile to ensure that they have fun to the fullest. It’s not uncommon for some people to toil, beg, borrow or even steal, in order not to be left out of the festive groove.That is Christmas in Nigeria, where it is celebrated as if the culture originated from Africa’s most populous nation. Accordingly, another thing that distinguishes this season, is that it is also a period of unusual happenings. And interesting, peculiar and weird things are already happening in the buildup to this one-day celebration



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