Multiple birth: Doctors say 4 but God added another

For most couples, the birth of a baby elicits joy. For some, the birth of twins or more elicits even greater joy and gratitude but when a woman is safely delivered of quadruplets (four babies) or quintuplets (five), her joy is supposed to be boundless. Such is the case of Mr. Wale Shofunlayo and his wife, Olayemi who were blessed with a healthy set of quintuplets weekend at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, LUTH. According to Wale, the couple’s joy is immeasurable as they did not prepare for five babies at a go.

As a Lawyer, Wale is under no illusion about the birth of their quintuplets. To him, the birth of the babies confirmed the adage that “Doctors care and God heals. ” Before the babies came, the couple had prepared for quadruplets as the doctors’ investigation including comprehensive scan showed that there were four babies. But little did they know that posterity had another plan for them. A gift, which could be described as the best Christmas gift anyone could get at a time like this.


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