Righteousness will save Nigeria, says Adeboye

FROM the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Adejare Enoch Adeboye, has come admonition that Nigeria should concentrate more on the pursuit of righteousness so that the country and its inhabitants can experience a new dawn. Adeboye gave the advice at the 2011 Holy Ghost Congress of the church held at its headquarters on Lagos- Ibadan Expressway at the weekend.

Taking his text from relevant portions of the Bible, the cleric said no meaningful change could be experienced by an individual or a country that is not ready to embrace righteousness and do away with things that do not please God. He assured the world that God on His part is ready to deliver into the hands of the faithful good things as promised by Him, provided the people are willing. The general overseer said people should not expect the move of God in an environment where sin is the order of the day because God is a righteous God and He expects His followers to be righteous too. According to Adeboye, the only thing that stops the intervention of God in any situation is sin. He urged Nigerians to be righteous so that God can play His own role.



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